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Valle Ambulance District EMT professionals utilizing quality ambulance and gurney training to ensure professional emergency services for the Jefferson County, MO area

Community Resources and Classes to Empower Public Safety and Health

Everbridge Alert Notifications

Sign up for mobile notifications and receive instant updates on emergency notifications for boil orders, water main breaks, traffic alerts, criminal warnings, and more.

Sharps Container Disposal

Safe sharps disposal is critical to prevent injuries and the spread of infections, ensuring the protection of individuals and the environment.

Community Resource List

Community Resources Hub: Connecting You to Support and Services

CPR Classes

The Valle Ambulance District is proud to offer various levels of CPR and AED classes certificed by the American Heart Associantion (AHA) and American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI).

EMT Basic Course

Our EMT course offers comprehensive training in emergency medical care, equipping participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to respond effectively to a wide range of medical emergencies.

First Aid

Take a first aid certification course and learn vital first aid techniques and procedures.

Valle Ambulance District EMT professionals repairing an ambulance to ensure safe & professional emergency services for the Jefferson County, MO area

Serving the community is the mission of Valle Ambulance District. We answer the emergency needs of residents across the county, providing vital aid and support. The Valle Ambulance District wants you to have every resource necessary in the event of an emergency. Use our Community Resource List as your go-to guide!

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